About Us

Welcome family! With gratitude, I welcome you to Bèlla Beauty Vegan your new favorite vegan, beauty & wellness store.

Bèlla Beauty Vegan is a vegan beauty and wellness line dedicated to creating clean and effective products that nourish the body externally and internally. We’re committed to educating our community about healthy skincare and haircare practices, that are guaranteed to feed the body with quality ingredients that help your skin glow and your hair grow. We’re constantly researching and testing out quality herbs, oils, butters and supplements that your body, skin and hair need to grow beautifully. That type of dedication is why Bèlla Beauty Vegan works so well and why most of our community can’t live without our products!

We’re big on love and community at Bèlla Beauty Vegan because we know that there would be no US, if there was no YOU. And because of how much we love and appreciate our community, we only use quality, organic ingredients that are sourced directly from the earth to ensure that your bodies are absorbing the very best skin food and hair food. We left the unnecessary chemicals and toxins for the other guys, and so should you. 

Our goal is to constantly learn, grow and add vegan products to our line that will add to your beauty and wellness. Whether you know exactly what you're looking for, or you're simply browsing, I'm certain you’ll find something(s) in our line that that you'll fall in love with. 

Again, thank you for stopping by and we hope to see you again!

With Love, 

SKMichel, CEO & Founder of Bèlla Beauty Vegan